Gasol Foundation, Founded by NBA Champions Pau and Marc Gasol, Teams Up with Turner Impact Capital to Introduce Innovative Health and Wellness Program at Turner Impact Communities in San Antonio

CommUNITY Wellness – one of the free resident enrichment services provided at Turner Impact communities – will teach healthy lifestyles to individuals, children and families to fight obesity and promote healthy habits.

SAN ANTONIO (November 26, 2019) – Gasol Foundation, a nonprofit organization started by NBA stars Pau and Marc Gasol, is teaming up with Turner Impact Capital, one of the nation’s largest investment firms dedicated to social impact, to bring a brand-new health and wellness initiative to residents in San Antonio. 

The collaboration is bringing Gasol Foundation’s innovative Healthy Galaxy model to residents of the four San Antonio properties owned and operated by Turner Impact Capital. Together, Gasol Foundation and Turner Impact Capital have developed the six-month “CommUNITY Wellness” pilot program tailored to the needs and interests of residents. This unique program will deliver health education and awareness programs to children, families and residents of all ages, empowering and encouraging them to inspire one another as they embark on a journey to live healthier together. 

The program will be provided in monthly and weekly sessions to residents at no cost by resident professionals at TI Communities, Turner Impact Capital’s dedicated, mission-driven property management arm. 

Gasol Foundation, a nonprofit organization, works to reduce childhood obesity rates through the promotion of four health habits: healthy eating, physical activity and sports, sleep quality, and emotional well-being. By emphasizing the importance of these habits to children, adolescents, and families, Gasol Foundation strives to reverse the growing epidemic of childhood obesity – one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century. 

“Addressing the global pandemic of childhood obesity and related health issues requires a coordinated approach, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to collaborate with Turner Impact Capital on the launch of this new program in San Antonio,” said Pau Gasol, Co-Founder of Gasol Foundation. “Together, we are committed to empowering communities to live healthier and happier.” 

Turner Impact Capital’s affordable workforce housing communities are investments of the Turner Multifamily Impact Funds, which focus on acquiring, preserving, and enriching affordable workforce housing in San Antonio and urban communities throughout the country. CommUNITY Wellness is one of the targeted enrichment services provided to residents at no charge – a signature feature of Turner properties. This unique model focuses on instilling “pride in rentership” by offering a full suite of free enrichment programs on-site for individuals and families. These programs are specifically tailored based on resident needs and interests and utilize the expertise of onsite resident professionals – such as trained educators, healthcare professionals and law enforcement officials – to deliver results. 

“We are delighted to be launching this exciting collaboration with the Gasol brothers and the Gasol Foundation to create meaningful improvements in health and wellness for the thousands of residents at our San Antonio communities,” said Bobby Turner, CEO of Turner Impact Capital. “Childhood obesity is a major threat facing our nation, and we applaud Pau and Marc for this fresh approach that is already showing significant promise.” 

Kick-off parties were held last month to welcome participants and officially launch the CommUNITY Wellness program at Turner Impact Capital’s four San Antonio housing communities – The Grove Apartments, Heights on Perrin, San Mateo Apartments, and Westlake Villas – which are home to a total of 2,340 residents. Participants at all four community launches left the event excited and committed to the program, which includes regular activity tracking and health check-ins to measure progress and success. Since then, each community has offered their first session, focused specifically on healthy eating, and continued to engage new residents in the program. 

The CommUNITY Wellness program stands to be a model for easily accessible, impactful community intervention. CommUNITY Wellness activities will center on one healthy habit each month. November is focused on healthy eating, in which families learn the significance of nutrition and ways to implement wholesome, nutritious meals into their daily lives. December will be focused on physical fitness, teaching families the significance of being active as well as ways to implement exercise and fitness into their daily routines. 

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