Our Team – USA

Board of Directors

Pau Gasol
Co-Founder, Board President
Marc Gasol
Co-Founder, Board Vice President
Michele Chan Soon-Shiong
President, NantStudios, Chan Soon-Shiong Family Foundation
Dr. Martha Molina Bernadett, MD, MBA
President & CEO, The Molina Foundation
Nehal Raj
Co-Managing Partner, TPG Capital

Our Staff

Lidia Estrada, MPH
US Director of Programs & Research
Irma Madrigal, RD
US Health Educator
Joselin Berdugo, MS, RD
US Health Educator
Atumilara Akingba
US Health Educator
Noemi Hernandez
US Health Educator
David Casillas
US Health Educator
Leslie Moo
US Health Educator
Andrew Reyes
US Health Educator
Trinity Custodio
US Health Educator

Gasol Foundation Team Values

Our team culture, community programs and external partnerships are guided by five core principles:

  • Make it Healthy, Make it Fun: Bring lighthearted fun and a positive attitude to everything we do.
  • Innovation Never Stops: Always learning, adapting and embracing new ideas to impact the childhood obesity ecosystem.
  • Scientific Evidence > Assumptions: Data-led strategies and programs that drive meaningful, measurable change.
  • Operate with Integrity: The courage to be our best, empathetic selves and do the right thing.
  • Collaboration and Commitment: Work in partnership with industry professionals, parents/caregivers, institutions and community leaders to ensure the success and sustainability of interventions.