Our Research

At Gasol Foundation, we firmly believe that scientific research guides our methodology and informs our programmatic work. We foster, coordinate and carry out studies that enable us to make groundbreaking scientific strides in transforming the health of our children. Given the unawareness around childhood obesity and it’s prevention strategies, we also lead campaigns about healthy habits and position them at the core of the political and social agenda. Our long-term goal with our research efforts is to establish the Gasol Foundation as the go-to childhood health expert the world calls for advice and guidance. To achieve this level of global influence and credibility, we will continue to conduct research across all of our programs and initiatives, regularly evaluating our impact and adapting our approach.

Measure our Impact

A fundamental component to all of our programs is how we roll out our assessment protocol and monitor the effects of our interventions. Each program is defined with a theoretical framework and measurable variables including quantitative and qualitative data. This process includes: a formative evaluation, a program planning stage, a pilot program implementation, a process evaluation, and an impact evaluation to ensure the project is achieving its goals. We analyze and synthesize our results, and use our learnings to guide the development of new programs and inform our advocacy and awareness efforts. To reach these results, we have the support of the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CEIm), along with other universities, research centres and hospitals in Spain and the US, to help us generate new scientific evidence that endorses our fight against childhood obesity.

PASOS Study:

PASOS is a pioneering study that aims to assess the lifestyle of Spanish children aged 8 to 16 in Spain.

SantBoiSà Study:

Led by Gasol Foundation and fostered by the City Council of Sant Boi de Llobregat, the SantBoiSà study evaluates the lifestyles and weight status of children aged 8 to 16 in town schools.