About Us


Gasol Foundation is on a mission to eradicate childhood obesity through research, holistic, data-driven programming and to illuminate the obesity crisis as the greatest opportunity to invest in the health of our future.


The Gasol Foundation was founded in 2013 by NBA Champion brothers Pau and Marc Gasol. Originally from Spain, the Gasol’s have garnered the national and international spotlight for both their athletic accomplishments and dedication to philanthropy. From a very young age, they have shared a passion for children’s health inspired by their parents who were both in the medical field.

Recognizing that childhood obesity is one of the greatest challenges threatening children’s health today, Pau and Marc vowed to combat the childhood obesity pandemic by leveraging their platforms, relationships and financial resources to provide as many children as possible with the knowledge and tools needed to enter adulthood physically and mentally equipped to live healthy, productive, and successful lives.

Vision-Zero Childhood Obesity

By tackling the complex issue of childhood obesity, we are not only building a world where all children enter adulthood physically and mentally equipped to thrive, we are also indirectly addressing some of the largest societal, economic and health issues of our time.

We focus our efforts on Zero Childhood Obesity prevention strategies, whereby we arm the next generation with the tools to maintain and scale the change we are creating today and prevent them from becoming obese adults in the future. We employ a holistic, multi-sectoral and coordinated approach across three key focus areas: Research, Programmatic Work and Advocacy.

The Healthy Galaxy

All of our programs utilize our Healthy Galaxy Model to make healthy learning fun! Take a journey and explore the Healthy Galaxy with us. 3-2-1 Blast Off!

Physical Activity Planet

Exercise is a key component to maintaining a healthy weight. Through interactive games and fun family activities, we learn by doing and get to experience the impact exercise has on our overall well-being.

Healthy Eating Planet

Accessing information is the first step in making healthier food choices for life. Through interactive tools and resources, we explore My Healthy Plate, portion sizes and food label reading.

Sleep Planet

Irregular bedtimes at a young age can result in weight gain. We educate families about the relationship between sleep, emotional well-being, healthy eating and physical activity, and help them develop sleep routines that benefit both themselves and their children.

Emotional Well-being Planet

Maintaining good emotional health influences how people think, feel and behave, and contributes to the overall mental growth of children. We help our families develop self-confidence, high self-esteem and a healthier outlook on life.