Healthy Tips

Sports and Physical Activity

  • Screen time: max 2 hours per day

Help your kids be active! Keep screen time to a max of 2 hours per day.

  • Play & have fun with friends

Encourage your kids to have fun and play with friends every day. Active kids have closer relationships with friends, healthier hearts, and stronger bones.

  • Physical activity with family

The health benefits that exercise has on kids, applies to adults as well! Be a role model and make exercise a fun family activity. 

  • 60 min of physical activity per day

60 is the magic number! Practice 60 mins of physical activity every day. Any activity that elevates your child’s heart rate is good for their growing bones, muscles and brain. 

Healthy Eating

  • Water is the best drink

Our bodies are mostly made up of water! drink 6-8 glasses of water a day. Add fresh fruits like strawberry, lemon and cucumber to water for added taste and flavor.

  • Eat from every food group

Take advantage of family meals! It is the best time of the day to talk with your child. Turn off all screens and have fun!

  • Eat meals with family

Try cooking meals that feature every color of the rainbow by adding fruits and vegetables to every plate. Be patient!  It can take 10-15 tries for a child to like a new food.

  • Grocery shop & Cook with family

Make going to the grocery store and cooking with your kids a regular family activity.  It is a great way to teach youth about healthy food options. 


  • Always go to bed at the same time

Try to create a bedtime routine for your child to follow; such as brushing teeth, putting on pajamas and going to bed at the same time every day. 

  • Get comfortable to sleep

Create a cozy space by turning off the lights, reducing noise and giving them the opportunity to share their feelings.

  • Get 10 hours of sleep

Help your children get around 10 hours of sleep each night so they have energy to be active, improves their mood and prevents craving for unhealthy foods.

  • Put screens to rest 30 minutes before going to bed

Relax your brain! Turn off all screens 30 minutes before going to bed to ensure a better quality sleep.  


Emotional Well-Being

  • Be respectful, honest and kind

The best role model for your child is you! Your actions teach them to be respectful, honest and generous individuals. 

  • Solve your problems using words

Share your love with those around you by talking things out to solve problems. This will promote children to become compassionate and develop strong relationships.

  • Pay attention to your feelings

Help your child recognize their feelings by sharing your feelings with them.

  • Celebrate your acts of kindness

Perform acts of kindness as a family like;  offering assistance or simply sending a special message to someone.