Building a Healthier Future

Through research that we’ve identified four main determinants of childhood obesity: Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Sleep, and Emotional Well-being. To make this information relatable and accessible to kids, we created the Healthy Galaxy Model and turned our insights into fun, interactive content, with each of the four determinants depicted by a planet.

Gasol Foundation founders, Pau and Marc Gasol, detail Gasol Foundation mission and programs.

Make it Healthy, Make it Fun

We bring lighthearted fun and a positive attitude to everything we do. While our global research helps us scale resources and tools for change, it is our holistic, on-the-ground community programs based on research that cement sustainable lifestyle changes and improve the overall health for children and families.

Join us

In impacting the health and lives of at-risk children and families in underserved communities. Together, we can change lives today and transform the trajectory of future generations.

Measure Our Impact

Since 2013, in the United States and in Europe, we are rallying global support around the escalating pandemic that is directly impacting the health of our future by combining science-backed research, hyper-local programming, and coordinated advocacy efforts.


Children and Families Served Globally

Our community specific designed programs empower families with the tools to empower sustainable lifestyle changes.


Global Research Participants

Gasol Foundation conducts extensive research taking great measures to design individualized, impactful approaches.


Scientific papers published

We publish articles in journals with a high impact factor, thus generating valuable knowledge for the international scientific community.