World Obesity Day

Changing the perspective: #LetsTalkAboutChildhoodHealth

This coming March 4th is World Obesity Day and the Gasol Foundation wants to celebrate in a fun, unique way all month!

As in years past, we have taken inspiration from the pioneers of this movement at the World Obesity Federation with the goal of creating awareness of the importance of childhood obesity prevention. Changing the perspective, breaking the stigma, and putting emphasis on healthy habits from a young age are the best ways to celebrate World Obesity Day. Throughout the month of March, #LetsTalkAboutChildhoodHealth, will you join us?

The Time Has Come: #EverybodyNeedsToAct!

March 4 is World Obesity Day, and at the Gasol Foundation, we want to celebrate it in a healthy, active, and fun-filled way!

Are you part of an educational center, social or sports entity, institution, or company committed to children’s health? Let’s become the epicenter of the #EverybodyHasToAct movement! We have created four activities that will allow everyone to learn, play, and enjoy healthy habits: you can join one, two, three, or all four! To participate, it is necessary to register by clicking on the following button:

How to participate in the activities?

ACTION 1: Manifesto #EverybodyNeedsToAct

We encourage you to sign the manifest “Everybody Has To Act”, with which the signatory entities commit to promoting healthy living habits not just during World Obesity Day, but also with transversal actions in their day to day.

You can add yourself to the Manifesto “EverybodyNeedsToAct” by clicking here.

You can add yourself to the Manifesto “EverybodyNeedsToAct by clicking here.


ACTION 2: Healthy Mural

We encourage you to be creative and design a mural in your own way! You can produce a mural with drawings, photographs, collages, paintings, etc.

To download the Healthy Galaxy templates, fill out the registration form and open an email.

ACTION 3: GoalBall for Healthy Habits

We invite you to preform some fun dynamics with which you will have a wonderful time practicing physical activity.

You can download the sheet with the description and guide of the activity by registering here.

ACTION 4: Healthy Lipdub

A lipdub is a music video where a group of people have to sync up to preform a dance to a song. The participants dance and send messages in succession (singing or holding signs). In this case, we encourage you to make your lipdub incorporating references to healthy habits.

To participate, sign up for the 4M and get more details about the activity. 


Sign the Manifesto

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Get social and #LetsTalkAboutChildhoodHealth

Signatory Entities

  • CEIP Pintor Sorolla
  • Cátedra Olímpica Marqués de Samaranch (UCJC)
  • CEIP Novenes de Calatrava

  • ONCE
  • Alcaldía de la Dorada Caldas

  • Asociación Tándem Life

  • Club Infantil i Juvenil SanFeliu Sant Ildefons
  • U. B. Llefià
  • C.N. Sant Boi
  • Club Baloncesto Peixe Fresco Marín
  • Club Baloncesto Noreña

  • Rosetum
  • Redkoroko

Additional Resources

For more information on how to best observe World Obesity Day, take a look at our World Obesity Day ToolKit!

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