Today is a great day to get up and get moving. Although everyday is a great day to do this, it is especially important today because of World Day of Physical Activity, which falls on April 6th of this year.

There a numerous ways you can get moving and active. In fact, exercise is defined as any movement that makes your muscles work and requires your body to burn calories. In other words, being  active is any type of movement that uses energy. This can even include things such as doing household chores, gardening, playing with children, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator. The more your heart rate goes up, the better health benefits for your body! So, whether it’s walking, dancing, running, yoga, hiking, swimming or gardening, the  possibilities are endless!

The Benefits of Physical Activity   

There are many benefits of physical activity. Besides preventing excessive weight gain and obesity, physical activity can reduce the risk of certain types of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, cancer, and diabetes. Also, it can improve mood and emotional well-being, while reducing feelings of anxiety, stress or depression. Other benefits of physical activity are: increased energy levels, better sleep quality, strong bone and heart health, and improved cognitive functioning.

Ways to Make Physical Activity Fun 

Doing physical activities with family and friends can make physical activity even more fun. Sometimes working out or exercising can be difficult when doing so alone. But, if we make it a group effort with family and friends, everyone can have a good time while getting healthy!

Physical Activity: How Much Do We Need Everyday?

In the case of children and adolescents, an hour a day of moderate or vigorous physical activity is recommended. For adults, 30 minutes is recommended. Any form of physical activity can help us improve our lifestyle habits. By just partaking in a 10 minutes stroll, for example, we will be adding minutes of health to the meter.

So, what do you say?! Go out and enjoy the good weather, be active, and have fun! It’s as simple as that!

Physical activity, exercise or sport?

Although we sometimes use these three words indistinctly, they are not the same! Do you know the difference?

  • Physical activity: refers to any body movement produced by our muscles. Physical activity demands an expenditure of energy (walking, climbing, sweeping, etc)
  • Exercise: This is planned, structured and repetitive physical activity that seeks to improve physical condition and health (jogging for an extended amount of time, lifting weights at the gym, a daily walk to reach a number of steps, etc.).
  • Sports: Sports are a form of specialized and regulated physical activity with a competitive nature. Sports require regular physical practice and training (basketball, football, volleyball, etc.).

All three are beneficial for your health. The important thing is to just move! So, choose one and get moving!

Pau Gasol Shares Healthy Tips and Advice

Pau loves to invest his time and energy with sport and physical activity. He strongly believes in the importance of integrating healthy habits in the family environment. With the “Juntos X la Educación” campaign by the Atresmedia Foundation and the Gasol Foundation, Pau explains why it is important to have a healthy lifestyle, talks in depth about physical activity and rest, and discusses the benefits of having healthy dinners together as a family.

In honor of World Day of Physical Activity, we dedicated a space for children in order to get them outside and active. The children absolutely love the yard space! Pau really wants all children to be active, and to continue learning and taking advantage of healthy resources.

Here, Pau wants the kids to #MakeItHealthyMakeItFun with the moving game! Watch!

How will you celebrate World Day of Physical Activity?