The 6th Annual Family Run Returns to Barcelona on May 19th

Kaptiva Sports and Gasol Foundation are teaming up once again to organize The Family Run. The Family Run is a race for children up to 14 years old. With the help and support of parents, siblings, and friends, all participants will cross the finish line victorious!

The Family Run event also consists of other sport, recreational and educational activities for children and families to enjoy. Families will learn all about healthy practices and how to apply them in their daily lives. It will be one big healthy party for the entire family!   

The Family Run symbolizes yet another initiative by Gasol Foundation that shows our commitment in preventing childhood obesity. The overall objective is to promote the importance of physical activity, healthy eating, sleep quality and emotional well-being – the four pillars Gasol Foundation emphasizes in each and every one of its programs. A better understanding of these pillars by children and their families will help to achieve our “Zero Childhood Obesity” goal.


We hope The Family Run demonstrates to all in attendance that leading a healthy lifestyle can be both simple and fun. Additionally, we also want to reiterate to parents that this healthy lifestyle must first start in the home. They must understand they are the biggest role models for children, therefore; they must lead by example. By constantly discussing and practicing healthy habits, children will pick up and practice them as well. This is why having healthy programs and activities that involve the whole family is crucial when it comes to acquiring good habits and improving the welfare of future generations.

All the benefits and proceeds from The Family Run will be allocated to low-income families in vulnerable populations. This will allow them to be apart of future Gasol Foundation programs. We feel as though it is important to support all families when it comes to obesity prevention, especially those who are at greater risk of social exclusion.

For more information on how to participate in The Family Run, visit (please hurry as space is limited).