Healthy Eating

Did you know eight out of ten kids do not eat a proper breakfast, and only one out of ten eat fruit with the first meal of the day? Encouraging grocery shopping and healthy cooking will help children follow a healthy diet. These routines should be implemented at a young age. In fact, healthy eating habits for preschoolers and child nutrition are crucial. The goal is for these habits to continue through their teenage years and into adulthood.

A “healthy lifestyle” does not just mean a balanced diet. The importance of regular physical activity, sleep routines, and working on mental health are all vital. 

Bad eating habits in childhood are crucial factors for the development of obesity. There are too many children and teens who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables. The is due to the rise in production of processed foods and rapid urbanization. Now people consume more hypercaloric foods, saturated fats, sugars and sodium.  Adopting eating habits in childhood and implementing techniques on how to get kids to eat healthy, how to make healthy eating fun, and healthy meal planning ideas for families are significant.  


How to ensure children receive proper nutrition:

The Healthy Plate: My Healthy Plate created by the Gasol Foundation is a graphic image that aims to outline a structure of healthy foods that families can follow. The plate represents the different food groups that should be incorporated with each meal, alongside providing proper portion sizes. Presenting this plate provides a simple approach for creating menus for children and the rest of the family, contributing to a more complete and balanced diet.

Hydration- the best drink is water: It is important to avoid or limit the amount of sugary drinks consumed like soda and processed juices. Children should have direct access to water and consume a minimum of 8 cups a day. When children are playing sports or participating in moderate physical activity, it is recommended that they drink water every 20 minutes.


Family meals: Eating as a family while sharing conversation and turning off screens is ideal. Additionally, family heathy eating provides an opportunity to address worries, promote cohesion and reducing stress within the family. 

Grocery shopping weekly and cooking healthy food: Involve children in the grocery shopping process. This helps them learn about the types of food they are eating, while creating a positive attitude towards these foods. Additionally, have them involved in the cooking process can lead them into trying news foods.