April VIDA! Recap: VIDA! Health and Wellness Graduations

Because it was the last sessions of the year, the month of April was all about the children and adult VIDA! graduations!

First, the VIDA! families in South LA, Watts, and Boyle Heights completed a POST follow-up assessment. The PRE assessment is done in September, which is when the first sessions of the year take place. With the POST assessment, we measured three anthropometric variables (waist, height, and waist circumference). Besides the measurements, we also distributed a validated questionnaire for them to fill out. The healthy habits we promote through Gasol Foundation are assessed through these scientifically based questionnaires. The results will help validate other Gasol programs and initiatives in the future.

And once all of this was completed, it was time to celebrate!!!

VIDA! Children Classroom Session

The children’s session began with all of them receiving their questionnaires and completing their measurements. Then, they were able to partake in some physical activities. They played some VIDA! favorites, such as the Grocery Run game, Sleep Tag, and the Healthy Habits Red Light, Green Light game.

Next, the children had a VIDA! graduation ceremony. They were all smiles as they received their graduation certificates. They also received their Healthy Galaxy passports, Gasol Foundation bracelets, and other gifts and prizes!

Vida! Adult Session

Just like the children, the parents also completed their questionnaires and measurements. After that was done, they too had a graduation ceremony where they were awarded their graduation certificates. Some parents expressed how much they enjoyed exploring the Healthy Galaxy this year. Others shared how they have been practicing all of these habits with their children at home.

Mission Accomplished!

As you can see, our April VIDA! sessions were amazing! This entire year has been filled with learning, healthy habits, and fun! Although our mission throughout the Healthy Galaxy has officially come to an end with the VIDA! families, we know they will continue to implement all they have learned moving forward. We are excited for each and every one of them. They have put in a tremendous amount of time, hard work and effort, and we could not be more proud!

Congratulations VIDA! graduates!!!