Healthy Recipes

Check out some of our favorite healthy recipes! Remember – when preparing your own recipes at home, use My Healthy Plate as a guide for a balanced meal. Grab your entire family (and chef hat), head into the kitchen, and start cooking!

Chicken Bell Pepper Feta Pasta

This delicious pasta contains all the food groups of the My Healthy Plate model. Carbohydrates for energy can be found in this pasta dish, along with protein from the chicken and feta cheese. Lastly this recipe contains vegetables, the bell peppers, which are packed with vitamins and minerals.

Overnight Oats

This easy to make overnight oats recipe is packed with nutrients. It also has chia seeds for omega 3s, antioxidants and fiber. The Greek yogurt provides calcium and protein for bone and muscle health. And the fresh fruits add even more vitamins and minerals! 

East-to-Make Snack Mix

It doesn’t get much simpler than this! For a quick and tasty snack for on the go, try making this snack mix. This four-ingredient recipe is perfect for on-the-go or to munch on before or after your daily workout!

Ground Turkey Stuffed Bell Peppers

Did you know that oranges are not the only fruit or vegetable high in Vitamin C? Bell peppers are, too! As you can imagine, this ground turkey stuffed bell peppers recipe is loaded with Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients. And for a vegetarian option, these peppers can be stuffed with beans and rice.

Baked Tilapia with Vegetables

This baked tilapia recipe is super easy! It only takes a few minutes to prepare, uses few ingredients, and is flavorful. Did you know fish is lower in saturated fat than most red meats? Excess saturated fat may increase risk of heart disease or stroke. This means that fish can be part of a heart healthy diet including one to help lower cholesterol. 

Chickpea Salad

Did you know that chickpeas are high in dietary fiber? They are also rich in protein, iron, zinc, phosphorus and B vitamins (for extra protein add chicken). This Chickpea Salad recipe is light on the tummy and is super healthy. And it is easy to put together in just 10 minutes – chop up a few ingredients, rinse and drain canned chickpeas, and stir it all together in a bowl! Enjoy!

Strawberry & Mango Smoothie

Summer is a perfect opportunity to eat more organic fruits and vegetables and try new smoothie recipes! Some great fruit bases include blueberries, bananas, pineapple, cherries and peaches. And if you don’t mind the color, adding a handful of spinach or kale is a good way to bring more antioxidants to your drink. 

Grilled Salmon

Salmon is one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. Did you know it is high in omega 3s that help promote healthy brain function? This popular fatty fish is not only loaded with nutrients, it is tasty, versatile, and widely available. This grilled salmon recipe will soon become a staple in your summertime dinner rotation. Serve with some seasonal veggies like grilled zucchini or grilled corn. Enjoy!

Peach Oatmeal

Enjoy this delicious Peach Oatmeal recipe for breakfast or as a night time snack before bed. It is loaded with protein (nuts, protein powder) grains (oatmeal) and fruit (peach). You can even add Greek yogurt as an additional protein source. Canned or fresh fruit are both healthy choices of fruit – they both have the same amount of nutrients including fiber that help with digestive health. However, be sure to purchase canned fruit packed with their own natural juices instead of added syrup. Lastly, include different types of nuts to this recipe like almonds, pecans and mixed nuts for even more flavor! 

Fruit and Veggie Salad

Try our high fiber tasty salad! Fiber helps you feel full longer and can provide a range of health benefits. For example, a fiber-rich diet can lower cholesterol and make it easier to maintain a healthy body weight to reduce your risk of developing heart disease and diabetes. And best of all, it is quick and easy to make. Give it a taste today!

Mini Strawberry Santas

These no-bake Mini Strawberry Santa’s are a fun and festive way to enjoy a healthy and light dessert after a heavy holiday meal. All you need are strawberries, whipped cream, and some chocolate sprinkles to turn a strawberry into a Santa. Your kids will love these yummy treats and can help put them together. Happy Holidays!

Nut Butter

Did you know there are over 50 types of nuts? You can put any kind of nut or seed in a blender and create a healthy and delicious spread in no time. Nuts and seeds contain a lot of healthy fat, and when you grind them, they release that fat as oils. The ground nuts become a smooth paste that can be used as a spread for bread or crackers. Which types of nuts or seeds will you use for your nut butter recipe – peanuts, almonds, walnuts? The possibilities are delicious!

Pumpkin Pancakes

Spooky season is in full effect! Start your day off right with these delicious pumpkin pancakes. This healthy whole grain, low-calorie recipe consists of fluffy cakes with a zesty orange color from pureed pumpkin and a light crunch from toasted pecans. Enjoy!

Turkey Lasagna

This healthy turkey lasagna recipe is made with lean ground turkey, fresh mozzarella, and whole wheat lasagna noodles for a boost of whole grains. It is perfect for serving many people, family-style dinners, or freezing leftovers for later. It’s a great comfort food the whole family will love! 

No Bake Energy Balls

These No Bake Energy Balls are irresistibly good! They are the perfect make-ahead recipe to keep on hand for healthy snacking or breakfasts. Not to mention they are quick and easy — and they require no cooking or baking of course. The flavor of the balls is awesome, especially if you’re a peanut butter lover. The texture is great too – it’s like homemade granola formed into a ball. These No Bake Energy Balls have a decent amount of protein without having to add protein powder. Chocolate chips can be substituted for raisins, dried cranberries or blueberries. And honey can be swapped for maple syrup, coconut nectar or agave nectar to make these vegan. Try them today!

Homemade Popsicles

Summer is just around the corner! Celebrate with this healthy and fun popsicle recipe! These frozen yogurt popsicles are low in fat compared to the traditional ice cream popsicles. They consist of a yogurt base ingredients like berries and granola. And although this recipe takes about 4 hours to prepare, it is very much well worth the wait. These healthy frozen treats are the perfect snack to help you cool down. And not to mention, they are packed with plenty of carbohydrates and protein to help muscles recover after a long workout. You’ll  love how healthy and flavorful they are just as much as your kids will enjoy making them!

Tuna Pasta Bowl

Calling all pasta lovers! Do we have a recipe for you! This tuna pasta bowl is not only delicious but packed with plenty of healthy protein and grains. Did you know tuna is low in cholesterol? It is also low in saturated fat. Your body needs healthy fats for energy and other functions, but too much saturated fat can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. Additionally, tuna is also a great source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is significant because it promotes healthy bone health for both children and adults. Although this recipe appears to have a lot of ingredients, you can pick and choose which pens you and your child would like most. Grab your pot, bowl, chopping board, and set of measuring cups and start cooking! With a prep and cooking time of only 30 minutes, you’ll be enjoying this meal together with your family in no time!

Bean & Cheese Quesadilla

Now who doesn’t love a good ol’ quesadilla!? But here at Gasol Foundation, we like to keep things fresh and healthy. So, allow us to introduce this delicious, full vegetarian quesadilla! This vegetarian dish has protein, grains and vegetables all in one meal!  Did you know legumes such as beans provide both protein for muscle health and carbohydrates for energy? A meal that contains both protein and carbohydrates is ideal to help stabilize blood sugar levels, thus stabilizing our mood. Low blood sugar or sugar crashes can cause tiredness, fatigue, confusion, irritability and changes in mood. This meal gives you the perfect combo of healthy and nutritious. And of course- it’s fun for kids of all ages!

Vegan Tacos

Who said vegan food can’t be healthy and delicious? This Vegan Taco recipe will have you wishing every day is Taco Tuesday! Start off with your usual taco basics –  tortillas, salsa, and beans- but add a bit of a twist when it comes to your protein. While meat is a great source of protein, plant-based protein can be just as good. Contrary to popular belief, plant-based protein often has just as much, if not more protein, without the high amount of cholesterol found in red meat. When serving this dish to your child, you can even play a little game to see if they even notice the difference. With how great this recipe is, there’s a chance they might just enjoy this healthy version much more than the traditional taco recipe!


This delicious Chicken Kabob recipe can be prepared in just minutes – making it a simple everyday recipe that requires minimal prep and clean up. More importantly, it is healthy and provides a flavorful source of protein. Chicken is a lean source of protein that can leave you feeling full and satisfied. For this particular recipe, you can use skinless and boneless chicken breasts. You can also make these skewers with thighs – but keep in mind using the latter may take a little longer to cook through. Don’t forget to add vegetables like bell peppers to your grilled chicken skewers as well! The vegetables add some fiber and extra vitamins and minerals, as well as a great pop of flavor and color.  Feel free to add rice or another type of grain to complete your meal. Enjoy!
COOKING TIP: If using wooden skewers, soak them in water for at least 20 minutes to prevent them from burning on the grill or pan.


Did you know black beans can reduce your risk of several serious medical conditions and help your body to process calories more effectively? Or that yellow corn is rich in Vitamin C? This Black Bean and Corn Salad recipe is jam packed with black beans, corn, and other nutritious ingredients to provide one healthy and refreshing dish. Not to mention, this recipe is very simple to make. Prepare it at home with your family for lunch or dinner.


Hungry? How about giving this healthy and delicious Roasted Quinoa Bowl a try? You won’t be disappointed! Did you know quinoa is part of the grain food group along with bread, rice and potatoes? Quinoa is a good source of protein, fiber, iron, and healthy carbohydrates. Including a healthy amount of carbs in your meal not only gives you energy but can also improve your mood. A lack of carbohydrates can cause you to feel irritable, weak, tired, or upset. You can prevent that by using My Healthy Plate as a guide to complete this meal by adding fruit on the side or some chicken or beans for extra protein. Get creative and add any other fresh vegetables you may have on hand like broccoli, bell pepper or cauliflower. This dish can be served warm or cold. Enjoy!


These Healthy Pinwheels are easy to make and fun to eat! They are much healthier than your average tortilla wrap and just as delicious. Not to mention they’re the perfect recipe to get the little ones in the kitchen! They may need help rolling, but the rest can be done by them with minimal supervision. With mere minutes of prep time, this versatile recipe delivers flavors everyone will love in a bite-sized rollup. Enjoy!


If you’re craving a delicious and healthy snack or dessert, look no further! This Peanut Butter Stuffed Dates recipe is very tasty and also packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals. Not to mention, it is super easy to make-only requiring 2 ingredients (you can add additional toppings if desired.) In fact, this is a great recipe to prepare together at home with the kids!