Gasol Foundation USA Supports Daily Recess for All Legislation

Gasol Foundation promotes children’s wellness through programs, research, and advocacy. We are focused on four key healthy habits: physical activity, diet, sleep, and emotional well-being because they are the proven building blocks of a healthy child. We are especially concerned that 40% of California’s children are overweight or obese, which leads to increasing rates of childhood diabetes and other damaging medical conditions.

Gasol Foundation is in support of Senate Bill SB 291 – Daily Recess for All. SB 291, authored by Senator Josh Newman, will ensure that students have access to a 30-minute recess for unstructured play and that it cannot be withheld as a form of punishment. The bill will that children have time for unstructured physical activity throughout the school week and ensure that this vital break cannot be withheld as a form of punishment. This daily physical activity will allow students to perform better in school and develop

into productive adults – which is the purpose of schooling.

California is making significant investments in children’s health and wellness, and this focus should be reflected in our public schools. Gasol Foundation is pleased to support SB 291.

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