Gasol Foundation in the Childhood Obesity Conference 2019

Gasol Foundation was honored to have been selected to be part of the 10th Biennial Childhood Obesity Conference held on July 15th-18th in Anaheim, California!

The Childhood Obesity Conference (COC), is the nation’s largest, most influential collaboration of professionals dedicated to combating pediatric obesity. Nearly 2,000 attendees from across the country were present for this event. The topic of this year’s conference was “Beyond Obesity: Tackling Root Causes.”

The overall goal of this four-day conference was to take a deeper dive into the societal, structural, and economic factors that lead to health disparities, and discuss ways to create equitable outcomes so that all children can attain their highest level of physical and mental health.

Gasol Foundation COC Posters: VIDA!, ENERGY & the Healthy Galaxy

Gasol Foundation was very proud to present three posters that were displayed at this year’s conference: Our VIDA! Health and Wellness poster, ENERGY Healthy Summer Camp poster, and our Healthy Galaxy Model poster. The first two posters exhibited key methods, objectives and results pertaining to our health programs, while the latter conveyed how we utilize the metaphor of the Healthy Galaxy in order to effectively explain childhood obesity determinants. 

We were very pleased to receive such positive feedback on all of our Childhood Obesity Conference posters. Conference attendees were very impressed with all of the work the Gasol Foundation has been doing to combat childhood obesity. We received much support for our innovative approach and programs we implement to help children live healthier and happier lives through the promotion of sports and physical activity, healthy eating, sleep quality, and emotional well-being. 

Key Points from the Childhood Obesity Conference

There was an immense amount of key takeaways from the COC. Constantly learning and gaining knowledge on the subject of childhood obesity allows us to most effectively develop programs and initiatives that further us towards our Zero Childhood Obesity vision and ensure that all children reach their full potential. Below are some significant statistics presented at the conference: 

  • 1 in 5 children in the United States are food insecure
  • food insecurity is associated with overweight or obesity
  • 90% of children in the United States consume too much sodium
  • 1 in 6 children have high blood pressure and high blood pressure is an indicator of obesity into adulthood

It is statistics such as these that motivate us to continue our critical work of reducing childhood obesity rates in the U.S. 

Gasol Foundation & the COC

The Childhood Obesity Conference was informative, educational, productive, and most of all, fun! We had a great time meeting new people and organizations who share the same mindset and outlook as we do when it comes to universal children’s health. We enjoyed being able to share and discuss emerging research, best practices, community-based efforts, and effective policy strategies that promote and sustain healthy eating and physical activity practices for children, adolescents and their families! 

Gasol Foundation would like to thank the conference hosts for all of their outstanding work with this amazing event: The California Department of Public Health, California Department of Education, Nutrition Policy Institute UC Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, The California Endowment, and Kaiser Permanente. 

We look forward to the next Childhood Obesity Conference!