The Gasol Foundation and “La Maquinista” move for children’s health

The “La Maquinista” shopping center has launched their “Moving is fun” campaign in order to promote sports and physical activity. In addition, they have also  decided to link their campaign through Gasol Foundation to show their support towards a common goal: the prevention of childhood obesity.

From May until the end of July, “La Maquinista” will host various  free activities for both adults and children. These activities are focused on raising awareness about the importance of sports, exercise, proper diet and nutrition, and tips to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Emphasis on fun activities such as Zumba, body combat, yoga, suffledance, etc. will be discussed and available for everyone to enjoy. A portion of the monetary donations made will go towards  Gasol Foundation projects and initiatives to help continue our fight against childhood obesity. 

On June 2nd, there will also be a 5K and 10K race taking place around the commercial center. This year, the motto for the XII “La Maquinista” Race is “Move for the health of children!. Once again, a  portion of the funds raised from this event will also go towards Gasol Foundation’s projects and initiatives to prevent childhood obesity

If you would like to fight against childhood obesity, move yourself!

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