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PL4NETS 2021

Pau Gasol and the Gasol Foundation organize the 2nd edition of PL4NETS and invite you to a unique meeting from which you will leave, sure, feeling better.

Monday, September 27th - 05:00 pm

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Description: After the success of the 1st edition, Pau Gasol and the Gasol Foundation bring back PL4NETS, the online healthy days that provide tools for questions related to healthy eating, sleep and rest, physical activity and emotional well-being .

These are the four pillars that scientific evidence supports and on which the Gasol Foundation bases its interventions, to improve the well-being of the little ones and prevent childhood obesity.

In this edition, athletes, scientists and experts from around the world will meet again to put healthy habits at the center of the political and social agenda.

The sessions are free and you will also have the option to collaborate with our mission #ZeroChildhoodObesity.

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 September 27, 28, 29 and 30, 2021. 17 – 20 (UTC + 2)

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